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The Leaner

The Leaner

Found at Paris’ Gare du Nord station.  

It’s not a seat, mind you, thanks to that 45 degree slope.  Yet it occupies the same space as one.  What in the hell was this designer thinking?  I’m tired, but not really tired enough to sit down, I think I’ll just lean awkwardly on something that inherently wants to slide me off of it.   WTF?

Notice the ridges on the “seat”?  Obviously someone figured people would slide too easily, thus deciding to plus this fantastic idea with grooves so that pants with pockets or buttons could latch onto this, holding the person up that’s starting to slide.  Just give us a damn seat man, if I wanted to lean, I’d go up next to that wall near the bathroom awkwardly looking at my phone so as not to make eye contact with anyone actually walking into the bathroom.


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This is me in a nutshell, at least that’s what my friends tell me.  I’m as easy going as the next pers…okay no I’m not.  I like smart efficient design and I like people being the same.  When they’re not, I get angry, and this is my release valve.  Enjoy!